Barbara Špiljak Presečki was born in 1977 in Ptuj.
She finished both primary and primary music school, as well as gymnasium in Krapina. She graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 2002 in Zagreb.
Salvia She has lived in Istria since 2005, where she worked in the field of landscape architecture and garden art until 2017.She has been painting since primary school, and in 2000, she started an active self-development in that field. She hasn't attended any art schools, courses or art workshops.She is a member of the Arts and Literature Association Uliks in Pula and the Arts Association LUP in Poreč.

She has exibited in Labin, Pula, Poreč, Funtana and Pićan so far. In 2018 her love for art becomes her profession and she now paints and makes souvenirs in her studio-gallery in Kukurini near Pićan.Since she was a child, she has had a destinctive style, upgraded and complemented by new techniques and materials.

Although she paints landscapes, nature, portraits...the most interesting are the creative motifs of imaginary worlds and creatures which can sometimes be determined as pure naive, and sometimes cannot be determined at all. The painter finds her inspiration in the scenery of the external, and the playfulness of her internal world, all by using bright colours, interesting compositions and rhythm.

All these elements show that the painter's art will continue its course for sure, with further development, experimentation and hard work.
Let her motto always follow her – ''When I paint, I feel the freedom of my soul, I feel like a bird with my wings widespread, there are no obstacles or rules, only the feeling of freedom, peace and love.''

Ester Diklić

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Apartment Mermaid

Apartment Mermaid


Kukurini, Pićan, Central Istria, Croatia

Offer for art colonies

Apartment Mermaid is placed in the heart of Istrian peninsula, at the foot of the hill and small town Pićan, in the village Kukurini. At a quiet location and the view on mountain Učka, surrounded by beautiful nature, ideal accommodation for artists who want to paint natural beauties of the area. The inspiring landscape offers many interesting themes to paint ''on the spot'' (Sopot waterfall, Benkovski waterfall, old towns Pićan, Gračišće, Plomin, Labin, Pazin, the ruins of the medieval town Dvigrad, medieval castle in Kršan, cave Feštinsko kraljevstvo near Žminj, etc.). Considering our apartment is placed in the centre of Istria, other destinations are close enough as well, so our guests can visit all other Istrian natural beauties and cultural herritage.
The apartment is in an old Istrian house, with thick stone walls, renovated and decorated in artistic and antique style. It is rented during the whole year.
There are 4 beds, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a terrace, a balcony, a bathroom, a kitchen, wifi, TV, air-conditioning, 2 wood stoves, parking place. Pets are allowed.
Price: 18 euros/per night/per person (lunch in the local restaurant Konoba Dišpet is included in the price, other meals can also be agreed)
Special offer: free usage of the painting studio (atelier)

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.