The spiritual world, belief in God and my creativity have become my only true support. The visions of my paintings have fed my spirit, tired from life drama, comedies and tragedies. The material reality has been a well of inexhaustible worries and problems, a place which suffocated my free spirit. My visions of paintings came from another source; it was a well of inexhaustible ideas and endless possibilities. Painting has become my food. I have started to materialize my visions.
Barbara Špiljak
My first works were childish. Actually, I continued at the place where I stopped, in my early childhood. A new phase of my self-development began. All those years of painting silence needed to be compensated. I have self-developed, I haven't attended any courses, schools or art workshops. I have learned and led myself. I have tried different techniques and materials, started with drawing portraits and making unique bottles and jewellery. I started making canvases and unique photo frames. During that phase I used acrylic paints the most and started using oil ones years later. I have given most of my works to my friends as a present, but then first sales happened, which affected my self-confidence positively. First comments on my work began to arrive. People reacted positively and said there was positive energy glowing from my paintings.

However, not everyone has had understanding about what I do. Some believed my work was unreasonable, that I was wasting time. My need and desire to be a true ''painter'' was not understood for real. I wasn't satisfied with painting as a hobby. I felt alone in all this, without true support, as I was walking ''against the stream''. I tried to explain to my close ones in the vain hope that I was a ''real painter'', and the answer I got was: ''A painter? What were you thinking? Get a job, go to work, you need a salary, do you think you are going to live by painting?''

It wasn't easy to persist, but my need for painting was stronger than ever. I couldn't imagine my life without painting, without the freedom of the spirit and the feeling which pervades me during expressing my creativity. I started off and couldn't stop any longer.
Today, I'm an artist who creates in her own studio-gallery and lives by doing her own work. Today I am the one I have always wanted to be. A painter! Only I and dear God know what art means to me and which role it has played in my life. Art isn't only making paintings, it is something much deeper and bigger than that. For me, art is FREEDOM, living in harmony with the vibrations of the soul and beating of the heart.

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Apartment Mermaid

Apartment Mermaid


Kukurini, Pićan, Central Istria, Croatia

Offer for art colonies

Apartment Mermaid is placed in the heart of Istrian peninsula, at the foot of the hill and small town Pićan, in the village Kukurini. At a quiet location and the view on mountain Učka, surrounded by beautiful nature, ideal accommodation for artists who want to paint natural beauties of the area. The inspiring landscape offers many interesting themes to paint ''on the spot'' (Sopot waterfall, Benkovski waterfall, old towns Pićan, Gračišće, Plomin, Labin, Pazin, the ruins of the medieval town Dvigrad, medieval castle in Kršan, cave Feštinsko kraljevstvo near Žminj, etc.). Considering our apartment is placed in the centre of Istria, other destinations are close enough as well, so our guests can visit all other Istrian natural beauties and cultural herritage.
The apartment is in an old Istrian house, with thick stone walls, renovated and decorated in artistic and antique style. It is rented during the whole year.
There are 4 beds, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a terrace, a balcony, a bathroom, a kitchen, wifi, TV, air-conditioning, 2 wood stoves, parking place. Pets are allowed.
Price: 18 euros/per night/per person (lunch in the local restaurant Konoba Dišpet is included in the price, other meals can also be agreed)
Special offer: free usage of the painting studio (atelier)